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Why does your boat need to be cleaned?

The St. Petersburg area is known for it's excessive growth in the area. There are many factors that will contribute to growth on a boat. The main contributors include location, current, sunlight, salinity, nutrients, and paint.

Location will affect most of these factors. The intercoastal waterways closer to the gulf can get heavy current which brings in more nutrients, oxygen, higher salinity and organic materials. All of these factors greatly increase the growth rates. While a protected harbor with a fresh water source will have lower salinity, no current, and less oxygen which will possibly have slower growth.

High Current areas almost always will have excessive growth due to the fresh nutrients and oxygen needed to feed the creatures living on your hull.

Sunlight will affect the amount of algae that will grow near the waterline.

Nutrients in Tampa bay are abundant. The nutrient rich water is what feeds the marine wildlife that many people come here to enjoy. Unfortunately, the same nutrients that feed the wildlife also feed the growth on your boat.

Hull Paint is a major factor in keeping your boat running at optimal performance. In general most boats should be hauled out every 2 to 3 years for new paint . While this is not the same for every boat there are factors that will affect your maintenance needs. Type of paint, periodicity of use, heavy growth areas, electrolysis, and care taken when cleaned.

What is included with hull cleaning service?


Typical service includes a full cleaning from the waterline and down. All surfaces are manually cleaned and wiped down to remove growth such as barnacles or algae. All intakes are probed and cleared, knot meters and sonar transducers are cleaned, and all running gear is cleaned to keep your boat running smooth and efficient. During cleaning Nick inspects all anodes and takes notes of any possible damage or maintenance issues.