Nick spent most of his adolescent life in the outdoors of Montana. Growing a deep appreciation for the beautiful back country, he wanted to explore more than the mountains. Nick enlisted in the Navy in 2006. Immediately after graduating Construction Mechanic School, he volunteered to go to Navy Dive School in Panama City, Florida. Nick graduated among the top of his class in July of 2007. Since graduating he has had the privilege of diving around the world. Some destinations include Greenland, Cuba, Hawaii, The Republic of The Philippines, Guam, Japan, and most of the west coast. His time in the Navy was spent performing inspections of waterfront facilities, pile wraps, inspections and stabilization of communication cables. After being honorably discharged in 2011, he went on to dive commercially. Gaining knowledge and experience in marine construction and potable water towers, he soon realized that he was meant to be in the water. After traveling around the U.S. chasing diving work, he wanted to settle down and start a good and honest company doing what he loves. St. Petersburg, Florida was the spot on the map for Nick and his wife, Amy.